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HTC Americas president talks leaks, mid-tier plans and more

HTC Americas President Jason Mackenzie appeared on CNBC’s Fast Money yesterday afternoon, where he talked a bit about the HTC One and the company's future.
March 11, 2014
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HTC Americas President Jason Mackenzie appeared on CNBC’s Fast Money yesterday afternoon. During the 4-minute long interview the HTC exec talked a bit about the HTC One’s status as phone of the year for 2013, and also briefly discussed the company’s future plans.

The video doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know, but it is still worth watching if you are an HTC fan, or just someone curious about where the company stands. Not surprisingly, one of the first topics brought up by CNBC were the frequent number of leaks regarding the all-new HTC One. As you’d expect, Mackenzie brushed aside the leaks with the usual no comment stance, though he did say that all these leaks and media attention make it clear that people are looking forward to something new from HTC.

Some of the other topics discussed in the brief interview include HTC’s marketshare position and how mid-tier will play a role in the company’s recovery. Mackenzie also pointed out that their build quality stands out from the rest of the crowd, and even went so far as to say comparing HTC products to the competition is like comparing a Rolex and a Timex.

What do you think of Mackenzie’s remarks in the CNBC video? Can HTC’s premium build quality and focus on mid-tier help it regain much of the market that it has lost? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Either way, we’ll be sure to know even more about the future of HTC come March 25th, when HTC takes the veil (the rest of the way) off the next-gen HTC One.