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HTC President brags up the HTC One, points to some of the mixed reviews for the Galaxy S4

In an interview with Business Insider, HTC's Mike Woodward points to some of the mixed reviews for the Galaxy S4, bragging up the HTC One in comparison.
April 26, 2013
samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one comparison aa

While Android Authority’s experience with the Samsung Galaxy S4 was a very positive one, not all reviewers on the net have felt that way about Samsung’s latest flagship. Some of the complaints brought Samsung’s way include their continued use of plastic and “somewhat gimmicky” software features. Not surprisingly, HTC couldn’t be happier to hear that some of Samsung’s reviews are mixed.

Here’s what Mike Woodward, HTC’s president in North America had to say about Galaxy S4 reviews in relation to the HTC One:

“We look at [the Galaxy S4 reviews] through the lens of the HTC One, and it stands up positively.” “The design seems to be attracting the most attention and we’re really proud of that.”

HTC is betting hard on the HTC One, hoping that it can be the cornerstone for rebuilding an empire that has been on the decline for years. Samsung’s dominance in the market and extremely aggressive marketing certainly could be a hurdle for HTC, so any potentially bad news coming Samsung’s way is great news for HTC.

Of course Samsung also has some major advantages on its side, including a removable battery and microSD. Another problem for HTC is that they are currently ignoring the biggest carrier in the United States, Verizon. While rumors indicate that HTC might be preparing an HTC One variant for Verizon, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has already confirmed that its phone will soon be coming to Big Red.

Honestly, both handsets are quite impressive, but if you want to get a better look at how the two phones compare, check out of “versus” video below.

Do you agree with some of the complaints against the Samsung Galaxy S4? Conversely, do you feel that HTC is being overly cocky with the HTC One?