At first, they said no Gingerbread. And now, it’s a yes for Gingerbread. Talk about the mixed signals that HTC is sending out to ardent fans of its Android devices–all within just 24 hours.

Just this week, HTC announced on its Facebook page that it was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea over which to give up: HTC Sense or Gingerbread. The initial reason for HTC’s dilemma was the alleged memory limitation on the HTC Desire. According to the company, the HTC Desire only had 512 MB of read-only memory (ROM), and there’s no room enough for both HTC Sense and Gingerbread.

And so, HTC users didn’t stop their barrage of emails, Tweets, Facebook updates, and the like–all trying to push their luck. Like me, their main thoughts were probably along the lines of “Can you imagine the gall of this company? HTC Sense over Gingerbread? That requires very little thinking at all!” And, guess who won?

The users did–within less than a day of HTC’s announcement about its “dilemma.” A few hours after the announcement, HTC backtracked with another status update on Facebook saying they would, indeed, bring Gingerbread to the HTC Desire. A little later, HTC also announced on Twitter and Facebook that it will discard several apps in the upcoming release to make room for both Sense and Gingerbread.

Speculations are now flying around as to what all that ruckus was all about. Some say the ROM limitation was all a ruse for HTC’s alleged desire (pun intended) to push out newer models and make more money. Others presume that public pressure made HTC cave in to the cry of the masses. Others say that someone from HTC’s PR department messed up.

What’s your take on HTC’s back-pedalling on its original stand regarding Gingerbread for the HTC Desire?