vs the Moto X

One of the best things about Android is the sheer amount of choice we have when it comes to buying a new smartphone, and Motorola’s customization options available with the new Moto X seem like the next logical extension. But what if I was to tell you that HTC was actually considering a similar feature quite a while ago?

According to sources familiar with HTC’s business plans, the company had been prototyping a color customization project for its own handsets, which it would have sold through the US carrier Sprint. In hindsight, it seems like HTC may have missed quite a big opportunity.

Originally the project was supposed to offer customization for HTC’s 8XT Windows Phone, allowing consumers to pick between a range of colors for speakers, accents, two-tone highlights, and there was even an option for personal engraving. The HTC Design Studio had planned to make these options available via a web app, but the idea was cancelled due to concerns over implementation costs and the project’s complexity. Here’s a glimpse at how the design studio may have looked, courtesy of The Verge:

HTC Design Studio

But who knows, if Motorola’s Moto X customization feature proves to be a big selling point for consumers, perhaps HTC, and possibly other smartphone manufactures, will be keen to start up customization projects of their own.

Would you like to be able to tweak the colors and materials of your next handset, how much extra would you be willing to pay for such a feature, or is design best left to the professionals?

Robert Triggs
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