We can imagine that most companies won’t have nice things to say about the competition. HTC isn’t exempted from this rule, as it lays down the smack talk on Android’s current golden boy.

Talking to reporters last week, HTC North Asia President Jack Tong said that due to the success of the company’s J Butterfly smartphone, also known as the Butterfly and the Droid DNA in different parts of the world, Samsung has been making “fewer moves” in order to see what HTC is going to offer next.

“This means HTC has the ability to make Samsung worried,” Tong continued.

We’re not sure that the assessment is accurate, but hey, at least HTC seems to be getting some of its lost mojo back. The J Butterfly jump started the comeback, as the 5-inch full HD phone reportedly sold more than the iPhone 5 during its debut week in Japan. The next test would be its launch in Taiwan.

Tong also said that HTC will do its best to leave the competitors in the dust by unveiling “eye-catching products” and setting “a higher standard”. Good luck with that, HTC. But for now, we think Samsung is the least of the company’s problem, as both Huawei and ZTE have surpassed HTC’s market share in Q4 2012.

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