htc-bravo-androidWhen it comes to rumors coming out of Asia, Digitimes can be hit or miss with the Taiwanese newspaper being wrong as often as it is correct. Despite its mediocre track record, the latest rumor seems reasonable enough to pass along. According to Digitimes, the flagship HTC Bravo and the rumored HTC Passion are one and the same handset with the former slated for launch on T-Mobile in Europe and the latter for launch in the US. This little snippet of information is not surprising, as the two handsets, with their touchscreen AMOLED displays and 1GHz Snapdragon processors, share similar specifications. The Passion will supposedly launch first in January 2010, a date that is slightly later than the originally anticipated December 2009, while the Bravo will launch three months later in April 2010. Anyone excited, yet?

[via Digitimes]