htc-one-x wifi
Over the past couple of weeks, an increasing number of reports surfaced online regarding a construction flaw in the HTC One X’ design that leads to faulty WiFi signal reception in some units.

As pointed out by multiple users from XDA-Developers, the problem lies within the hardware and not the software. HTC One X units that showcase this problem can be squeezed to increase the strength of the WiFi signal (that’s why many have nicknamed the issue “the reverse death grip”). Those of you unwilling to take your high-end Android smartphone apart and manually correct the manufacturing error should be glad to know that the Taiwanese manufacturer has now officially acknowledged the problem.

Strangely enough, HTC did not issue an official press release (at least not thus far) to recognize the reverse death grip problem, but instead opted to reach out to a couple of tech websites, including The Verge. According to HTC, the issue only affects a small number of the international Tegra 3 version of the One X (fortunately for all owners of the US Qualcomm S4 version), and the company has “taken immediate steps to implement a solution in our production process to prevent this issue from happening in the future”, meaning that future HTC One X purchasers won’t bump into weak WiFi signal strength for no apparent reason.

If you encounter this problem with your HTC One X, you should contact HTC customer support to verify the issue, before getting your handset replace with a fully functional one. Hate comments and thoughtful insight should both be shared in the comment section below!