There’s nothing more frustrating for Android fans than hearing about a great new iteration… and going wanting for it. For HTC One X owners, today is a good one. Reports suggest that the AT&T device will soon get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean!

One X owners have been relegated to Ice Cream Sandwich since purchasing the device, first available in April of last year. Jelly Bean was first released to the public about 3 months later, putting the HTC One X almost immediately behind. Ice Cream Sandwich is good, but Jelly Bean is great, and HTC One X owners are about to get a taste.

What’s so good about Jelly Bean? Oh, plenty. You’ll get that good, good Project Butter which makes your phone smooth and delicious. Google Now is a delight, keeping you on track in just about every aspect of life. There is an ISIS mobile payment function (good luck finding a place it works at), and the carrier bloatware we’ve all come to loathe and ignore. Don’t worry about having to re-learn your interface… HTC Sense 4 is still there.

What’s the twist to the story? I thought you’d never ask! It seems AT&T has pulled the original blog post regarding the update, which also mentioned Jelly Bean would start hitting handsets today. Maybe they noticed a problem, or just wanted to surprise the One X faithful.

Have you received your update yet? We’re anxious to know!

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