You know we love hype building campaigns as much as the next guy, but HTC is very close to cross that line between interesting and annoying. We knew for a (loooong) while that there are two “beasts” coming from the Taiwan-based company, but we’re still wondering when will the One X+ and One X5 actually be released.

Fortunately, the One X+ rumors seem to gain some traction, so, even if we still have nothing official on the One X’ successor, it’s pretty obvious that it exists and it’s coming soon.

Less than 48 hours after spotting a blurry pic of what @evleaks claimed is the T-Mobile version of the One X+, the phone makes another unofficial appearance, this time in the UK. The claimed O2 flyer offers us another glance at the new handheld’s design, and  also mentions some of its specs and the first pricing details.

In terms of looks, the One X+is no big surprise, closely resembling the One X. Still, the corners seem just a bit sharper, while the three capacitive buttons appear to be glowing red. As far as the tech specs go, with the worthy exception of the 64 GB of internal storage, the One X+’ spec sheet brings now surprises.

The first gen One X only came with 32 GB, and, after we saw what looked like an AT&T model of the One X+ getting FCC certified, we were pretty certain that the new One X+ will also come with 32 gigs. Now the storage space seems to have been upped, although it’s possible that we’ll see a 32GB version as well.

Other than that, there’s the predictable 1.7 GHz quad-core processor (most likely an NVIDIA Tegra 3), Android Jelly Bean (hooray!), Beats Audio, 25GB of free Dropbox storage, but also an “amazing” 8 MP camera that sounds a bit disappointing. We know that it’s not all about the megapixels, but we would’ve liked HTC to keep up with the 12MP+ cameras on the Oppo Find 5 or the LG Optimus G.

By far, the most interesting detail on the brochure is the phone’s pricing, said to be £479.99 on UK’s Pay&Go, which would translate into around $779. We certainly hope to see the SIM-free version of the One X+ available in the US for less than that, while the subsidized price is still difficult to predict.

Hopefully, HTC decided after all to crank up the battery on the One X+. But the fact that the detail is not mentioned on today’s flyer is a bit worrying. It’ll also be interesting to see if this is the first handheld that O2 and HTC are planning to release without a battery charger, and if the market will react as our readers did in this poll.

Still excited about the One X+? Annoyed? A little bit of both?

[Updated] The folks at Pocket-lint got their hands on alleged image of the HTC One X+, which confirms that the revised One X will be virtually identical to the original HTC flagship.

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