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HTC One X, S, and V to start selling in Europe on April 2, US availability is still kept under wraps

March 30, 2012

After weeks of seemingly endless waiting for some official news from HTC regarding the One series smartphones, we have finally been put to ease. Well, at least some of us have, because the One-branded smartphone trio has an official release date next to its name, but, so far, it’s only for “some” European countries.

The HTC One X, S, and V will be made available for sale starting April 2nd (that’s right, next Monday) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In other European countries, including the UK, carriers and retailers have announced that the handhelds are coming on April 5. Meanwhile, the United States technology enthusiasts are still waiting for an official announcement.

That shouldn’t take much longer, though, and, if I were to guess, I’d say that before the end of the month, every important US carrier will have the three spanking new gadgets from HTC up for sale.

One S spotted on sale in Germany

On the other hand, just a couple of hours after finding out that the One X, S, and V will hit European stores next Monday, the guys at revealed that a German Media Markt store already has the One S up for sale.

That’s pretty odd, if you ask me, especially considering that there’s no evidence that the X and V have themselves been put on sale at the same store. However, if you are in Germany, and you just can’t wait for a few more days to get your hands on HTC’s One S, you could go down to the store and check it out for yourself.

As far as pricing goes, you should know that the One X, HTC’s flagship for the time being, should cost 599 Euro in Germany and Austria and CHF 719 in Switzerland; the One S will most likely go for 499 Euro and CHF599, while the V will be made available for a mere 299 Euro (Germany and Austria) and CHF 349 (Switzerland).

No surprises there, with all three price tags being geusstimated long ago, but it will be interesting to see how will the trio be priced in the US. Rumors point towards a $599 – $499 – $299 “combination”, but nothing is yet set in stone.

I’m not going to bore you with all the three’s spec sheets and lists of features, because you probably already know them by heart. If, however, this is the first time you are hearing about the HTC One X, S, and V, please check out these articles here and here detailing all of the smartphones’ technical details.

Also, I would very much appreciate it if you got back to us with a comment, telling us if you are planning to go for any of HTC’s One smartphones once they will hit the stores. I personally still have mixed feelings about the trio, so I would really like to know your two cents. Thanks!