Although it hasn’t exactly managed to save the sinking ship, HTC’s One X smartphone should at least be viewed as a partial hit. Seen by many as the number two high-end Android handheld these days — behind Samsung’s Galaxy S3, of course — the 4.7-incher has definitely behaved better than HTC’s latest “hero” devices.

What is key now for HTC is how the company will follow up on the partially successful One X, as the users’ expectation level has grown significantly. We’ve heard talk about a One X+ (or One XXL) for a while now, but the new flagship hasn’t been confirmed or denied by HTC. There have also been a couple of rumors pointing towards a possible October release and “revealing” the phone’s spec sheet, but there’s still no way to know if any of those was legit.

Imagine our surprise, therefore, when we bumped into a supposed unboxing video of the HTC One X+ on YouTube. And imagine our disappointment when we figured out that the star of the clip was just a cheap fat knock-off of the original One X, and not any kind of official follow-up of the phone.

The handheld shown in the video does in fact have the name “One X+” stuck to it under the battery, but unfortunately it’s nowhere near a high-ender from tomorrow. The simple fact that the backplate comes off and that the battery is a removable one is an indication that this isn’t an official HTC device, but the very obvious differences between this bootleg copy and the original phone don’t stop there.

This “One X+” is much bulkier, thicker and fatter than pretty much any other high-end handheld around. There are two SIM card slots fitted onto its back for some reason, as well as a microSD card slot. Don’t get us wrong, we would love to see HTC offer microSD support on its future flagship, but if that means getting such a “beefy” device, forget about it!

There’s no way to tell from the video what kind of “oomph” this big guy is capable of, but we’re betting it doesn’t come with a quad-core processor or a dual-core S4. As far as software goes, it’s actually kind of funny how the phone claims to be running Ice Cream Sandwich when it is clearly on to something entirely different. We’re unsure exactly what that is, but it’s clearly laggy and glitchy as heck.

To wrap up, we don’t exactly know what phone is starring in the below clip, we just know it’s a knock-off and it surely isn’t HTC One X’s follow-up. Then again, HTC should take this video as a compliment, considering that you usually only see fakes of very successful phones (aka iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices).

Anyone interested in a cheap Chinese One X wannabe?