android revolution hd custom rom

The One X is one of the most popular Android devices around, and one that benefits from a large and active community of enthusiasts developers. It’s no wonder that the One X sub-forums on sites like XDA-developers and Rootzwiki are teaming with mods, custom ROMs, themes, and all sorts of other community-generated goodies.

The latest such development for the HTC One X comes from XDA-developers user mike1986, who created the first custom ROM that incorporates the newly launched Sense 4.1 overlay.

Sense 4.1 is the latest iteration of HTC’s well-known overlay, one that brings a smoother interface to the One X, thanks to a number of tweaks and bug fixes. Along with the refinements to the user interface, Sense 4.1 comes with one major change that should please many users – long-pressing the multitasking button now takes you the menu option; until now, the menu was only accessible via a black menu bar that appears on some apps. So far, the Sense 4.1 update rolled out to AT&T version of the One X, as well as to some international markets.

If you are looking to experience Sense 4.1, but you can’t wait for an official update, you can now try out the first custom ROM based on Sense 4.1, Android Revolution HD. According to the XDA-developers blog, ARHD brings little changes to the looks of Sense 4.1, but compensates in the under-the-hood department. Some of the most important tweaks include full GPU rendering, RAM optimizations, improved virtual memory management, and improved battery life.

Check out the full list of features of the latest Android Revolution HD on this post from XDA-developers, and, if you are interesting in giving it a spin, check out the original thread dedicated to the ROM.

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