There are plenty of leaks suggesting that HTC will soon unveil at least a new Android device, with the One X+ and the 5-inch phablet being among the most talked about upcoming HTC Android handsets.

Earlier today we saw a couple of new leaked images of the One X+, which suggested the new device will be fairly similar to the current One X/XL model. But the new smartphone is yet to be made public.

HTC’s most recent press event (September 19) focused only on Windows Phone 8 smartphones, so we’re still waiting to see the Taiwanese Android device maker announce a similar event for new Android handsets.

But while we wait for HTC to announce its next media event, we will take a look at a “Hold the date” email received by members – see image above. According to the email, HTC will host an “exclusive” event in Glasgow on October 2 from 6-11 PM local time, where those attending will be able to “preview HTC’s latest phones.”

Should we expect to see new One X-branded devices next week, including the One X+ and the One X5? We’re certainly going to keep you updated on the matter, but let’s not get too excited about the whole thing just yet. After all, while this invitation from HTC Specialist certainly sounds interesting, we’re yet to see the official invites from HTC, and that Glasgow event is less than a week away.

Not to mention that we’re also puzzled by the fact that this event is not scheduled to take place in London, where we’d usually expect the company to host such pressers.

Any HTC Specialists in the audience? Have you received a similar invitation? Are you going?

Thanks tipster!

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