The streak of bad news for HTC – and its flagship handset, the HTC One — continues. Following our report yesterday about the company’s inability to produce enough of the phone’s camera modules, which is expected to have an adverse effect on its supply and availability, we now have the first UltraPixel casualty.

If you’re in the Netherlands, you can put your money back into your wallet, as HTC has confirmed to a Dutch media that the launch of the phone in the country has been pushed back from March 15 to April 2. While the reason wasn’t given, it’s quite likely that the delay is related to the above problem.

Now, two weeks might not seem like a long time, but let’s not forget that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be unveiled very soon. People might just have a change of heart about their desire to grab the incredible HTC One if it isn’t within grasp.

Initially, HTC is aiming for a mid-March worldwide release for the One, which sort of explains why the unofficial launch in Singapore was cancelled this week. Here’s hoping that the delay virus will not spread to other markets.

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