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HTC One vs iPhone 5 drop test! (video)

In our HTCOne vs iPhone 5 drop test, we tried to simulate some of the mishaps that can happen in real life to a smartphone. Two aluminum clad devices - who will be the winner?
March 28, 2013
HTC One vs iPhone 5 Drop Test featured

If there’s one thing we at Android Authority are famous for (or is it infamous?) is the way we do our drop tests. Yeah, we love to send shiny new gadgets to their premature deaths, which usually involves a stretch of hard concrete and a generous serving of slow motion.

Last year in Hong Kong, our Darcy LaCouvee was in charge with drop testing the Galaxy S3 and the just released iPhone 5. As much as we hated the outcome of that test, we had to give it to the iPhone, which survived the ordeal with just minor bruising. The Galaxy S3 didn’t fare so well, ending up with a shattered screen and a popped back cover.

But the Galaxy S3 was made of plastic. How would an aluminum-built Android flagship do in a drop test?

To find out, Joshua Vergara, our new international man of gadget destruction, took the HTC One, with its snazzy aluminum chassis, and pitched it against the current standard for build quality, the iPhone 5, in an epic drop test.

Just like we did before, in our HTCOne vs iPhone 5 drop test we tried to simulate some of the mishaps that can happen in real life. So we dropped the two phones from three different heights – from pocket level, from chest level, and from head level. To top it off, we dropped the ill-fated gadgets face down from head level, in a final attempt to test their durability.

And boy, we broke them. No, I will not spoil the fun, just watch the video below.

There you have it – the first HTCOne vs iPhone 5 drop test on the internet. Impressed? Horrified? Which device do you think is better? Let us know what you think in the comments and check out our image gallery below.

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