htc-one-leftaaWhen HTC announced its flagship phone for 2013, the HTC One, Verizon was missing from the list of carriers that were set to get the device in the US. It was confusing since HTC had a good run on Verizon with its Droid DNA device.

Things seem to have changed, as AllThingsD reports that the HTC One will be headed to Verizon one or two months after other US carriers get the device. Earlier reports showed that an HTC Droid DNA Plus could be headed to Verizon because of a similar model number to the DNA, but now, with the report from AllThingsD, the rumored DNA Plus could actually be the HTC One.

Having the same model of the device on all four of the US’ largest carriers will help HTC a lot considering its marketing efforts can focus on a single device instead of three in 2012. The Taiwanese company is going to need to put all it has behind the HTC One if they want to contend with Samsung’s Galaxy S4, which is to be announced on March 14.

Hopefully, with the HTC One being available on all four major carriers, it’ll help the struggling company regain some of its lost market share.

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