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Though it’s been official for almost a month now, HTC’s One (and only) continues to be a big fat mystery. Initially expected out yesterday in the UK and a week from now in America, the 4.7-incher might see its dreams of glory crash and burn due to production issues.

Or, if we are to give credence to other sources, the issues are bull and the soon to happen global launch is still on. And, in fact, “more global” than we thought, as the high-ender is now said to land on Verizon by the end of March.

But let’s back up a little and put the whole thing into the right context. Big Red, the number one carrier in the States, was the only network to offer HTC’s previous flagship, the Droid DNA. The 5-incher saw daylight back in November 2012, so many thought the One was not going to be needed.


Once the new 4.7-incher became official, those stories seemed to gain credibility, as Verizon was basically the only important carrier in the entire world not confirmed to sell the One. But then we heard Big Red was in fact “testing” the new handheld and planning to launch it sometime in Q2.

The latest scoop comes courtesy of a leaked Walmart internal doc, where you can clearly see the HTC One is planned to hit Verizon in March to replace the DNA. We can’t know for sure if the thing is legit, but if it is it means AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile won’t get any kind of advantage over their number one competitor.

It also means the rumored production issues could not exist after all, but here’s what sounds fishy to me. Why would Verizon want to replace the DNA already? We get it, the two are similar and could confuse users, but why not discount the “old” 5-incher and keep it to continue its reportedly strong sales run? Any ideas? Does this leak seem off to you too?