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It's official! HTC One coming to Verizon this summer

It's coming. No, it's not.. wait, yes it is coming. We've heard many stories about whether the HTC One will come to Verizon, but finally it is official!
June 3, 2013
samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one one in hand aa

The HTC One isn’t just another flagship phone, it represents the last bastion of hope for a company that wishes to rebuild its lost empire. So far the HTC has certainly provided a much-needed boost to HTC’s reputation thanks to its sexy, well-built design. Unfortunately, it has also yet to launch on America’s biggest cellular network. All of that changes this summer, as Verizon Wireless has finally confirmed the HTC One is in fact coming.


So what exactly do we know about the Big Red’s version of the HTC One? Almost nothing other than it is coming “later this summer” (hopefully no later than July?). It seems that the HTC One will be spared from Verizon’s “Droid branding” treatment, but we really can’t say for sure what software changes, color choices, branding or design changes might be coming to the handset.

Pricing also remains a mystery, but if we had to take a stab at it, $199 with contract would sound about right – but keep in mind that’s just a guesstimate at best.

Now the big question is whether or not the Verizon HTC One is too late to the party to make any real difference for HTC or Verizon. After all, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available and rumors of an HTC Droid DNA 2 (possibly the HTC T6?) could detract interest from the Verizon HTC One.

Still, the HTC One is a sexy handset with great specs and a smaller screen size that might prove attractive to Verizon users looking for a powerful handset that doesn’t follow the 5-inch+ screen trend.

What do you think, are you interested in picking up Verizon’s HTC One when it arrives later this summer?