HTC One [aa] 600px (1)

The HTC One will be officially available with three out of the Big Four carriers in the USA including AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, with Verizon apparently not getting the handset later down the road as it was initially speculated.

An official HTC tweet – hey, social media is a powerful thing – has confirmed that the HTC One won’t hit Verizon. Instead, interested HTC fans that want to stay with Big Red can always get the “awesome Droid DNA.”

We’ve seen various rumors suggesting that Verizon could soon get its own HTC One flavor, a device that won’t necessarily carry the One brand. At the same time, we have said plenty of times that it’s time for HTC to stick with its own strong Android brand – just like Samsung does with its Galaxy models – and not allow carriers to customize flagship devices down to picking the name for the product.

Earlier rumors did say that Verizon’s HTC One could be called the Droid DNA Plus or something like that, and we have no way of knowing whether HTC had a tough time negotiating with Verizon the name for a Verizon One and whether that ultimately lead to that particular public revelation via Twitter. What’s certain is that at least for now, the HTC One will not make it to Verizon as the One. Or are we reading too much into this and HTC is simply doing what companies usually do, which is to deny rumors before official announcements?


We’ll certainly be on the lookout for that HTC device that is supposed to launch with Verizon – codename DLXPLUS – and see if it pops up in more leaks and reports.

Meanwhile, let’s hear it from Verizon subscribers, would you like to buy the HTC One from your carrier?