The HTC One V is the smallest member of the One series, and, although it’s not as attractive (that chin…) or smart as its siblings, it’s certainly no ugly slouch either.

The HTC One V is about to get even more interesting, especially if you regularly consume media on your HD TV. A fresh update to the One V enables compatibility with HTC’s media streaming accessory, the MediaLink HD. Just as its name suggests, the MediaLink will let you easily connect your smartphone to your HD television set. HTC claims that the whole setup process only takes a minute, and you only need to complete it once. The ease of use extends to the sharing function – to watch a movie on your big screen, or to play a game in glorious HD on your 55-inch TV, all you have to do is a simple three-fingers swipe. Here’s a demo of the device, courtesy of AnandTech:

Up until now, the MediaLink HD was only compatible with the HTC One S and thr HTC One X, but the new update will extend the functionality to the One V as well. Update 2.08.401.2 weighs in at  a respectable 46.77MB, and it doesn’t seem to be adding other functionality besides the MediaLink HD compatibility.