The release of the one and only HTC One has been delayed in numerous countries, an inconvenience that we can put down to the UltraPixel shortage issue. We can now add the Middle East to the list of regions that won’t be getting the phone this month.

Launched in late February in UAE, HTC initially said that the One will be in stock the following month, but now the company’s representative in Dubai has confirmed that that won’t be the case anymore.

HTC Middle East senior brand communications manager Neeraj Seth said that while we can still expect to see the flagship handset landing in select markets in March, the phone “will be officially released in the Middle East in April.” When it does hit stores, it’ll be offered for around $625.

The phone’s release has so far been pushed back in Netherlands, the UK, and Singapore, while America seems to be spared from the ordeal, where it’ll be available soon from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Despite earlier reports, Verizon won’t be offering the HTC One.

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