The HTC One was initially going to be released in early March in Taiwan, but the launch was hit by a series of unfortunate delays. The wait is now over, as the flagship phone has finally hit various retail stores in the country yesterday.

On location to capture the excitement were the folks at Mobile01. Bearing in mind that it was still fairly early in the morning, we can see from the pictures that the store was reasonably packed with HTC enthusiasts. The first lucky buyer was a 34-year-old man named Mr. Lin. Congrats!


For now, HTC is only selling the 32GB model of the phone, with the 16GB and 64GB variants expected to follow suit in the future. If you’re having trouble finding one in your area, it’s probably because only 6,000 units are up for grabs, or so according to the source. Well, color us surprised — not.

Fortunately, the next batch of units is supposedly due in the coming days.


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