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HTC One faces possible stock shortages in Taiwan

The HTC One is set to arrive in Taiwan on March 29, but the stock apparently will be quite limited.
March 27, 2013

It seems everyone wants a piece of the HTC One. The “unprecedented demand” for the phone – as well as the Ultrapixel shortages – has caused release delays in several markets, including HTC’s home turf of Taiwan. While the device will still hit stores this week, the stock apparently will be quite limited.

The bad news was revealed by HTC’s mobile operator partners in the country. As reported by Focus Taiwan, the execs of the telecom operators said that they have received shipments of the One handsets from HTC – mostly the silver 32GB models. However, the phone will only be up for grabs for customers on March 29.

For those who have pre-ordered the One in the first wave, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be getting it delivered this month. According to the carriers’ estimation, they might not able to serve all pre-order customers until the middle of next month.

Happy to hear that you’ll get to play with the One soon? Not too happy to hear about the possible delay? Drop your comments below.