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HTC One sales doubled to 1.2 million in May, but may have already reached the peak

Sales of the HTCOne hit an all time high in May, doubling up on previous figures. However, some analysts are saying that the handset may have already peaked.
June 7, 2013

By now you’ve probably heard that the HTCOne is selling well, with over 5 millions units sold so far, helping HTCpost some decent financial results for a change.

There’s some more good news for the company: it appears that during the month of May sales of the HTCOne doubled up compared to April, reaching a fairly decent 1.2 million units, according to Citigroup Global Markets Inc analyst Kevin Chang.

In fact, the One accounted for around half of all of HTC’s May sales. Whilst these numbers might not be close to Galaxy S4 territory, it’s proof enough that HTCcan make a decent handset when it needs to, a device that has helped see the company through what can only politely be described as a rough patch.

But once again, it’s not all good news for the handset manufacturer, as analysts are speculating that sales may have already reached their peak, with demand expected to begin falling come the start of July.

[quote qtext=”With One volume peaking and other models still weak, we believe May will be the peak of near-term sales.” qperson=”Citigroup” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

Some are suggesting that demand for the handset is already saturated, whilst others are expecting demand to drop, as consumers hold off purchases in favour of waiting for upcoming devices like the new iPhone. Sales are expected to be particularly lacklustre in the United States in the following months, so HTCwill have to pick up the pace in emerging markets like China.

This could be particularly troublesome for HTCas the company doesn’t have a decent line-up of other smartphones to fall back on at the moment. Hopefully for HTC, the pending release of its HTCOne Nexus experience handset and the launch of the rumored HTC One Mini, HTC One Max (T6) and Butterfly handsets should help prop up the sales figures for a little while longer.