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T-Mobile prepares a special HTC One S event on April 18, launch is imminent

April 12, 2012

T-Mobile has sent out invitations to tech journalists for a private event in New York on April 18, where they can experience the HTC One S,  one of three HTC One series devices that will land stateside this year. The fourth largest carrier in the US is expected to finally confirm the launch date and price of the HTC One S.

Not that we don’t already know that that HTC One S will most likely ship on April 25 – or a week after the private event – but we can all still act surprised, right?. Aside from the launch date, we’re interested to know what price T-Mobile will set for the phone. Seeing that the $200 price point has already been reserved for the HTC EVO 4G LTE (a variant of the HTC One X) on Sprint, which has higher specs. Will T-Mobile go for the sub-$200 price point for the HTC One S? We’ll find out soon enough.

If you’re still on the fence about the HTC One S and how the One X seems to be the more attractive option, bear in mind that both the One S and One X are being pushed as high-end devices by the Taiwanese phone maker. Yes, the HTC One X does come with bigger screen (4.7-inch HD Super IPS LCD2), more internal storage and NFC, amongst other things, but looking past those elements and it becomes apparent that the HTC One S can definitely hold its own. The smaller 4.3-inch qHD super AMOLED display on the HTC One S ultimately means the phone will have a more compact form, lighter weight and better battery life.

It’s great how HTC has put identical sets of rear camera on the One S and One X as well. Taking pictures on the HTC One S’s 8MP rear camera will give virtually similar results as the One X. Note, however, that One S only has a VGA front camera , as opposed to the 1.3MP front shooter that the One X has.

You have about a week or two to make that final decision, but perhaps you may want to look at some issue that the black variant of HTC One S is having (don’t worry, this isn’t the version that T-Mobile will ship).  If you’re stuck with T-Mobile, the HTC One S is clearly the flavor of the month there and the one to get.

Anyone going to be picking one of these up? HTC One S for the win?