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HTC confirms that the One S won’t move beyond Android 4.1 and Sense 4+

Holding out for an Android 4.2 or HTCSense 5 upgrade for your One S? Don't hold your breath. HTChas confirmed the phone will no longer receive new updates to Android or Sense. Read on to learn more!
July 2, 2013

When you go to buy a mid-range or high-end Android handset, you probably have a few expectations. First, your phone’s hardware should be good enough to last you at least two years without seeming like a total dinosaur. Second and just as important, the phone should continue to see new features and changes thanks to future updates to newer versions of Android.

That’s what makes today’s news so disappointing. Released in April of 2012, the HTCOne S is only a little over a year old, and yet the company has now confirmed the phone will forever be stuck with Android 4.1.1 and Sense 4+.

Although the HTCOne S wasn’t a “top of line” handset when released last year, it was a solid dual-core mid-ranger that should be more than capable of continued Android support.

HTC isn't the first company to go back on a promise, but this is negative PR that they really can't afford.

So why retire the phone so early, while many users are still on contract? It probably comes down to focusing on the future, instead of wasting resources on phones that are starting to show their age.

The problem is that the HTCOne S was originally billed as one of the company’s 2012 “One” flagship devices. It was also a special exclusive for T-Mobile users in the United States. This is not the type of device you should leave in the dust so soon.

To make matters worse, HTC’s decision goes directly against a previous promise. In February of this year, HTCtook to Facebook to let us know that HTCSense 5 would be coming to the One X, One X+, Butterfly and One S. Five months later, and they’ve done a complete about-face. 

HTC isn’t the first company to go back on a promise, but this is negative PR that they really can’t affordDoes HTC’s discontinuation of upgrade support for the One S surprise you? For current One S owners, how does this news affect your future phone buying plans, would you still consider another HTChandset?