Getting only the non-Snapdragon S4 processor variant of the HTC One S doesn’t seem to deter the lust that folks in several Asian countries have for the phone. Good news for those in India, as the HTC One S was officially launched yesterday and is now available to purchase.

Several online retailers in the country have already started selling the HTC One S for a couple of days. The price for the super thin phone ranges from INR 33,000 to INR 36,000, which puts it at around US$600 – 650. Clearly, there’s nothing mid-range about the One S – at least when it comes to its price.

Meanwhile, HTC enthusiasts in Singapore can finally get their hands on the One S starting today for S$948, which roughly translates to US$750. The steep price is due to the bundled Beats Solo headset.

As for the price of HTC One S in other countries in the region, the phone is being sold for RM 1,800 (US$580) in Malaysia, while the limited edition Beats Solo headset bundle can be had for RM 2,200 (US$700). As for folks in Indonesia, the HTC One S will be released in the coming days for 5.5 million Rupiah (US$585). Lastly, our brothers in the Philippines will be greeting the phone soon for about Php 27,000 (US$630).

Bams Sadewo

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