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Interested in buying the HTC One in Canada? You probably can’t get any cheaper than $99 right now, the price that Rogers asks for the One for this weekend only.

The HTC One has been welcomed with glorious reviews and the adulations of fan impressed with the “zero gap” aluminum body, the four “ultrapixels” camera, and the expansive sound emitted by the phone’s stereo speakers.

The HTC One is one heck of a phone, and it’s surely giving the Samsung Galaxy S4 (which we’ve just compared to its older sibling, the S3) a run for its money. One of the advantages that the One has over the vastly more popular rival line is the smaller price. Indeed, you can get a One with the same amount of storage for $50-$100 less than the Galaxy S4.

In Canada, the HTC One normally goes for $150 CAD on a three-year contract, but Rogers will let you, for this weekend only, to get it for $99. The carrier sells the device for $649 unlocked.

Even better, Rogers has extended its trade-in period till May 19, which may bring you $100 credit, provided you already pre-registered for the program.

The $99 offer for the One is standing till tomorrow, May 5, so if you’re sitting on the fence about getting a new smartphone, now may be a good time to make up your mind. For the record, the archrival Galaxy S4 sells for $200 on contract on Rogers. Quite a difference.

If you still haven’t made up your mind, perhaps our versus video will help.

What smartphone are you buying? HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4? And why?

Bogdan Petrovan
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