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HTC One release delayed in India

The HTC One availability in India has been delayed, seemingly indefinitely, with an expected arrival date now at the end of the month. Will you be waiting for the One?
May 8, 2013
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There was an excitement in the air with the official launch of the HTC One in India. Considering the high price point at which the HTC Butterfly had released with, the Rs 42,900 price tag of the HTC One was comparatively reasonable. HTC had also got the timing of the launch right, with a promised arrival of the company’s 2013 flagship a week or so before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4. With a device boasting a premium build and some great new features, HTC was ready to make waves in an Indian market that it has had difficulty capturing in the past.

Everything was in place for HTC, but somewhere along the way, something went wrong. The problem is that there hasn’t been any word on what. Of course, the obvious reason is the ultrapixel camera component supply shortages that had plagued the availability of the HTC in other major markets as well, so that issue may not have been fixed after all.

After the device didn’t show up by the previously expected April 22 availability, the folks at found out from a listing by online retailers Saholic that the availability of the device may have moved to May 7. A quick glance at your calendar will confirm that yes, May 7 was yesterday, and still no HTC One. The same listing on Saholic now lists an arrival date of May 15, while some electronic stores suggested a May 20 availability. Further, an reader who had signed up for the “Keep me Informed” newsletter on the HTC website mentioned receiving an email that said that the device would be available in stores only by the end of this month.

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When will the HTC One finally be available? While the smartphone could show up even tomorrow, the end of the month timeline seems most accurate. Saholic mentions May 15. Another online retailer, ShopYourWorld, has the HTC One listed as “In Stock,” but with a notice stating “Due to popular demand, the HTC One will be shipped in 2-4 weeks,” which is as vague as it gets. Another point to notice is that other popular online retailers like Flipkart, Infibeam, and others, don’t even have the listing yet. Usually, at worst we’ll see a “Coming Soon” tag, and at best, the phone will be up for pre-order, with a definite shipping date mentioned. With both not online yet, the mystery of when the HTC One will finally be available deepens.

This delay is certainly going to affect HTC negatively, considering the fact that both the Sony Xperia Z, and the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S4 are already available around the country. All priced around the same, it all comes down to how eagerly you’ve been waiting for the HTC One. If you’re in the market for any high-end smartphone, then the alternatives are already there for you to pick from, and at this point, only fans of the HTC One are going to wait around for the device to be released. So is it worth the wait? Check out your detailed hands-on review of the HTC One, as well as the comparison between the One and the Galaxy S4, to decide –

There’s a lot to love about the HTC One, and I think it’s definitely worth the wait, but if this goes on for any longer, HTC’s comeback year may not go as smoothly as hoped.

What are your thoughts? Are you planning to pick up the HTC One? Are you disappointed at the delayed release? Let us know in the comments section below.