HTC One RadioShack

Some details of the HTC One RadioShack offer that’s available to those getting the smartphone from the retailer were¬†rumored some time ago. Well, now it gets confirmed, with certain changes.

The previous leak said that you would be able to able to get the smartphone from RadioShack for $199.99 with a two-year Sprint contract and a $50 bonus in Google Play Store credit. The confirmed HTC One RadioShack offer says you get the same bonus if you’re buying the smartphone with an AT&T or Sprint contract.

The offer is valid until June 1st and, while you can get the HTC One on Sprint via RadioShack’s website, you’ll need to pay a visit to a participating store if you want your smartphone with an AT&T contract (at least for the moment).

The HTC One you’re getting through this offer is the 32GB model that you can get at almost all retailers and carriers in the U.S., although AT&T also has a 64GB version. If you want an unlocked HTC One (be it the 32GB version or the 64 GB Developer Edition), you can get it directly from HTC.

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Do you plan on getting an HTC One? Where will you purchase it from?

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