HTC One to receive marketing boost from Qualcomm

The One faces some stiff competition, but according to trusted sources, HTC will get some assistance in marketing its new flagship from chipmaker Qualcomm.

Qualcomm has worked with HTC for many years, dating back to 2001 when the manufacturer of the Snapdragon processors  series made a minority equity investment in the Taiwanese company. Now, extending their relationship even further, Qualcomm has created the first in a series of promotional films for the HTC One. The videos will debut at the Game Developers Conference which started March 25 and ends March 29.

From a business standpoint, this marketing partnership makes a lot of sense. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 processor powers the HTC One and the more devices HTC sells, the better for both companies. And when it comes to marketing, HTC needs all the help they can get. The Taiwanese company has blamed poor marketing as a reason for their past failures and CEO Peter Chou said he’ll step down if the HTC One isn’t a success.

It seems that HTC is calling in all favors to make the One take off. Will they succeed?

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