Last week, the HTC USA web site showed that both the 32GB Unlocked and 64GB Developer Edition versions of the HTC One smartphone were unavailable. Apparently, both phones were out of stock, and at the time, HTC couldn’t specify when exactly they would become available again. Fast forward to today, and both versions of the phone are available for pre-order once again. And what’s more, additional stock is actually still on the way.

If you are thinking of pre-ordering either one of the two versions of the HTC One on the HTC USA web site, then you simply have to choose which one you prefer. Your first choice is the 32GB Unlocked version (priced at $574.99), which as its name suggests, comes with 32GB of internal storage space and is not tied down to any specific carrier in the US. And then the second one is the 64GB Developer Edition phone (priced at $649.99) which comes with, you guessed it, 64GB of internal storage. It is also free of any carrier ties and has an unlocked bootloader as well, which makes it perfect for developers or anyone who intend to do some things requiring an unlocked bootloader.

According to a line from the official product pre-order pages, additional stocks of the HTC One are going to arrive on April 23. That gives you just a little over a week to decide whether or not you want to pre-order the HTC One. Check out the links below for more information. Also, make sure to read our full HTC One review here.

HTC One (Unlocked) 32GB
HTC One (Unlocked) Developer Edition 64GB

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