htc mini htc one Credit: Cnet Asia

Source: Credit: Cnet Asia

Earlier this year a small phone surfaced known as the HTC Mini, whose sole purpose is to connect to the HTC Butterfly, which is known as the DNA in the U.S. The HTC Mini surfaced again, only this time in the U.K.

U.K. retailer Clove announced on its blog the coming availability of this device, only calling it the HTC Mini+. This tiny device seems to have some additional features as well.

As you may have noticed, the HTC Mini+ is a very simple phone. It’s an NFC equipped device and resembles one of those cordless phones that would hang on the wall, before smartphones took over.

The HTC Mini+ is basically an extension of the Butterfly, and unlike a cordless wall phone, it can make or receive phone calls and text messages, in addition to acting as a remote when connected to your TV, thanks to its infrared functionality and the HTC Media Link HD.

For now, it seems that this device will only work with the Butterfly and DNA, however, it’d be awesome if it could be used as a universal phone extension, not just a select few HTC devices.

Either way, we still don’t know when the Mini+ will be available, but Clove is already taking preorders, listing the device for £64.99GBP, including VAT, which adds up to around $100USD.

Are you looking forward to the Mini+?

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