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Heard enough about the rumored HTC One mini? Well, guess what? Now you won’t merely have to read about it, but you will also get a chance to actually look at it, too. Thanks to information and a bunch of live photos posted on a site named, we can now get a grasp of what exactly the HTC One mini — or whatever it is really supposed to be called — is all about.

It is said that the upcoming HTC handset is rocking a slightly smaller display than the original — but you already knew that. How small exactly? 4.3-inches. Also, this screen reportedly has a native resolution of 720p HD, which may not be that impressive, but could still count as good enough especially as one of the features included in what could very well be a mid-range handset.

The HTC One mini is also said to have a dual-core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB of internal storage space, and a 4-megapixel camera. As with the original HTC One, of course, this is no ordinary 4-megapixel camera. It’s said to be enhanced with HTC’s UltraPixel technology, which is meant to turn the total mobile photography experience all the way up to 12.

HTC still hasn’t let the world in on when it plans to release this particular handset, but the report says it is scheduled to arrive on the market some time in August 2013 with a €400 price tag. Now, we’re not saying that this information is 100% accurate. What we’re saying is this is the most sensible bit of news we have about the HTC One mini so far, and you may feel free to hold on to it until we manage to pick up something more official.

Update: And here’s a side by side photo of the HTC One and HTC One mini.

HTC One mini

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