htc one mini 2

The ever resourceful @evleaks just supplied us with the first credible image of the upcoming HTC One Mini 2. And yes, HTC One Mini 2 will likely be the official name of the device, common sense be damned.

Just like with the 2013 One Mini, HTC is repurposing the design of the flagship One, down to the three available color options, gun metal, silver, and gold. While the plastic rim around the device is still present, it’s much less visible than on last year’s compact One version. Other notable changes include the different arrangement of the front sensors and the rounded speaker grills.

We don’t have any details on the specifications of the HTC One Mini 2, but the image above suggests that the screen size may be larger than the 4.3 inches of the 2013 One Mini. There’s no depth sensor on the device, so it’s very likely HTC opted for a conventional 13MP sensor for the camera.

Update: Added @evleaks’ earlier tweet on One Mini 2 specs:

Thanks for the reminder, Norman!

No clues yet about the release date or price of the One Mini 2.

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