The cat is out of the bag for the HTC One Max. We’ve already seen the device in two revealing hands-on leaks this week, but we expect even more details about the upcoming 5.9-inch smartphone to surface in the following days. That’s because Weibo user TD Zhijia has a Chinese version of the HTC One Max on hand and he is not afraid to show it.

The latest information originating from the Chinese leaker concerns the fingerprint sensor and the UltraPixel camera of the phone. TD Zhijia claims that the fingerprint sensor on the One Max has worked surprisingly well over several days of testing. The recognition rate is supposedly “very high” and the system rarely acted up. That’s certainly encouraging to hear – one of the reasons fingerprint-based authentication in consumer devices didn’t take off in the past was the flaky recognition, that frustrated, rather than delighted users.

Next, it’s the HTC One Max’ camera. TD Zhijia provides a few sample shots allegedly taken with the HTC One Max. However, they are nothing special and they were not uploaded at their full resolution (which is apparently, still 4MP), so we can’t really form an opinion based on them.

As a caveat, remember that this device is likely a non-final variant of the One Max version bound for China Mobile. With that said, are you impressed with what we learned so far about the HTC One Max?