HTC One Max

HTC displayed a moment of clarity and prescience when they came up with the HTC One, a device many consider to be one of the most hiqh quality constructed smartphones of all time. Their investment in more advanced tooling and manufacturing processes resulted in the HTC One having a premium and luxurious feel – something few smartphones (aside from the iPhone) evoke.

Of course, numerous manufacturers have hopped aboard the massive phone train, including LG with its beautifully thin bezeled G2, Sony with its 6.44 inch Xperia Z Ultra, Samsung with its formidable Galaxy Note and Galaxy Mega series‘, and many, many more manufacturers looking to achieve success and momentum in this segment.

Today, we’ve received further confirmation that the HTC T6 is the HTC One Max, and that its headed  for Sprint, some time soon.


Our sources are saying that HTC is going to be launching this device sometime in October, and we’ll be sure to do a nice roundup with its availability, pricing, and specs as soon as we have more info. EVleaks is one of the most trusted leakers in the industry, and (he) rarely, if ever, makes mistakes.

HTC One Max

And how about you — are you excited for the HTC One Max? What do you think of Samsung’s latest – the Galaxy Note 3? Is the One Max what HTC needs to get back on track? Let us know down below! And let us know if you’d like to see a microSD slot in the HTC One Max – you can be sure they are listening now more than ever.

Darcy LaCouvee
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