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HTC One Max to have fingerprint scanner, purported images reveal

New, but unofficial, images suggest the HTCOne Max will have fingerprint-reading features. Read on for more details!
August 28, 2013

HTC’s extra-large smartphone will apparently offer users fingerprint-reading functionality, a new set of images reveals.

The pictures below reportedly show the HTCOne Max (also known as the T6), which is expected to launch later this year.

Provided by Taiwanese site ePrice – which has been a constant source of mobile-related leaks – the images show a HTC-branded handset that seems to have a fingerprint scanner under the rear camera.

To prove the square thing under the camera is a fingerprint reader and not some sort of sticker meant to cover something up, we have a different image in which the back cover of the handset is removed and what looks like a fingerprint scanner is seen.

Furthermore, there’s also a settings icon that has a fingerprint image, although it’s not clear what features the fingerprint scanner could be used for – except unlocking the handset. We will note that the screen of the handset was blurred in most of the images, as you can see in the gallery below, so it’s certainly not helping us out.

The HTCOne Max is not the only handset rumored to pack a fingerprint reader. The iPhone 5S is most likely going to offer such a feature, and for a long while the LG G2 was expected to have a fingerprint scanner on the back.

That said, we can’t confirm the fingerprint-reading feature at this time, but we will note that the purported HTCOne Max model shown off in these images looks pretty similar to what we’ve seen in previous leaks. Again, we’re looking at a HTCOne-like design – in fact, the HTCOne is also present in one of the images.