htc one max leak weibo (7)

The highly anticipated HTC One Max will launch next week, sources told the Wall Street Journal and Engadget.

After months of rumors and leaks, HTC will unveil the 5.9-inch HTC One variant on Tuesday, October 15, people familiar with the matter told the WSJ. This all but confirms an older report from China’s Weibo that pegged the device for the same launch date.

The sources also confirmed that the HTC One Max will feature a fingerprint reader, though that really isn’t a surprise after multiple leaked images have revealed the presence of the feature.

Corroborating with the above information, Engadget presented invitations sent to Taiwanese and Chinese media for local launch events set on October 16.

The HTC One Max may not feature the latest Snapdragon 800 processor, but aside that, the aluminum-clad behemoth will exhibit all the traits of a high-end Android smartphone. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 is the competitor to beat in the oversized phone arena, and we can’t wait to pitch the two beasts against each other.

Just yesterday, HTC chairwoman Cher Wang promised a “very interesting roadmap” for the next few months, so we do hope that HTC has a few more tricks in its sleeve besides the Max.

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