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The HTCOne (M8) may resist some water, but don’t push your luck

The HTCOne (M8) may have a level of water resistance, one video suggests. But relying on it could be a costly mistake,
March 26, 2014
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Waterproofing is a growing trend in the world of Android flagships, with the Xperia Z2, Galaxy S5 – and, rumor has it, the upcoming LG G3 and Note 4 – offering a level of protection against liquids.

HTC has not jumped on the water resistance bandwagon, however. For the brand new HTC One (M8), sleek design trumped waterproofing. “It’s a beautiful phone, and I think that’s more important than waterproofing,” explained HTCProduct Manager Graham Wheeler to Trusted Reviews.

Still the HTCOne (M8) may have a level of resistance to elements, like this video making the rounds seems to suggest. (via TechSmartt)

So, what’s going on here? Did HTCmade the new One water resistant and for some odd reason decided not to advertise this feature at all? Probably not.

Likely thanks to its compact build, the One (M8) may resist water ingress to an extent, but that doesn’t mean it was designed to do so. The device was not rated for Ingress Protection (against water and dust) of any level, as far as we know. 

Update: HTC marketing boss Jeff Gordon explains on Twitter that the One (M8) does have an IP rating of IPx3:

Even if the device might go apparently unscathed through an immersion, it’s possible that water leaked inside, causing corrosion that can render it unusable in time.

Party tricks like the one in the video may be cool, but it’s better to err on the side of caution. Especially when you are dealing with pricey technology that’s extremely difficult to repair. The M8 may survive small accidents, and that’s a testimony to HTC’s great build quality. Just don’t push it too hard.