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HTC One (M8) - Top 5 features

With all of the hype surrounding the launch of the HTCOne (M8) slowly dying down, it's time to focus on some of the most exciting features unveiled alongside HTC's newest flagship smartphone. Here's the list of the top 5 features on the new HTCOne (M8).
March 27, 2014

With all of the hype surrounding the launch of the HTCOne (M8) slowly dying down, it’s time to focus on some of the most exciting features unveiled alongside HTC’s newest flagship smartphone. 2014 might not be the year of revolution in the smartphone market, but the HTCOne (M8) still introduces some rather unique features that you’ll be hard pressed to find on any other smartphone.

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Camera and camera features

In 2013, HTCdecided to forgo the megapixel race that many other manufacturers have been wrapped up in. HTCwas right in claiming that there were other, more important elements to a smartphone camera that were being forgotten in the race to fit more megapixels in a smartphone. So HTCdecided to drop the megapixel count to 4, in an effort to increase the amount of light passing through each pixel. More light, means better light performance and this led to the marketing term “ultrapixels” (more info on how Ultrapixel technology works can be read here). Despite this, the HTCOne (M7) fell short of achieving smartphone camera greatness, and while low light performance was great, there were noticeable issues in good lighting.

htc one m8 vs htc one m7 quick look aa (15 of 19)
There’s no jump in the number of megapixels, but there is a jump in the number of cameras and LED flashes on the back of the HTCOne M8 (left).

The HTCOne (M8) hasn’t dropped the Ultrapixel tag, and neither has it upped the megapixel count, as it stays at 4. Instead HTChas worked on other departments of the camera, including a secondary camera at the back to help with some nifty re-focusing hardware features. In addition to the secondary back camera, the front facing camera has been boosted to 5MP, and there is also a dual LED flash which has seven tones to help keep the flash consistent.

There’s also a few software tweaks, but sadly, there is a growing consensus that the camera may be the weakest part of the M8.

Premium design and build

The HTCOne (M7) introduced what would be a defining feature of HTCflagships to come, and the HTCOne (M8) takes it up another notch. The M8 is more rounded, offering a much better handling experience, which is much more comfortable than the more rigid, sharper design of the HTCOne (M7).

htc one m8 launch aa (13 of 27)

This curved body means the unibody metal design wraps around the corners of the HTCOne (M8) and extends right up to the screen, improving on the plastic sides of last year’s model. Over 90% of the HTCOne (M8) body is metal, which handsomely beats out last year’s model which was only made of 70% metal. While this means the new HTCOne is a little heavier (160 grams vs 143 grams), it also means that the M8 feels even more solid than before.

Audio improvements

The HTCOne (M8) retains the unique “BoomSound” stereo front facing speakers, but boosts them with a new amplifier which is set to increase the volume by 25% when compared to last year’s model, while retaining the bass, and keeping the audio crisp. Put this alongside the HTCOne (M8) display, which has been bumped up to 5-inches, and retains the Full HD resolution, meaning the HTCOne (M8) is an ideal media consumption device.

htc one m8 launch aa (8 of 27)

Sense 6

As expected with a new flagship release, the HTCOne (M8) brings a new version of Sense in Sense 6 or as HTChas dubbed it, “Sixth Sense”. While Sense 6 isn’t a major jump over Sense 5, it improves on what was already a nifty and visually appealing UI, and thanks to that super fast quad-core Snapdragon 801, the HTCOne (M8) flies through Sense 6.

htc one m8 launch aa (16 of 27)

BlinkFeed makes a return in Sense 6, again looking to put all the information you want at your fingertips without you having to search for that information. It brings a slightly different look, diverting away from the paginated look in the previous version to the scrollable one found on the M8.

BlinkFeed has been opened up to allow third party manufacturers and app developers to plug directly into BlinkFeed in order to provide information within your feed. One of the early backers of this new BlinkFeed feature is the popular wearable fitness tracking company Fitbit, which has added support for BlinkFeed to help you keep up to date with all the stats and observations your Fitbit can offer.

htc one m8 gold edition aa (8 of 14) 2000px

Motion is also a big feature, as you’ll be able to answer calls, unlock your phone, and open the camera with a few gestures. You can unlock your phone by simply tapping and sliding your finger on the display the way you’d normally do to unlock the phone, but it won’t be necessary to press the power/unlock button, therefore saving yourself a few seconds.

Improved battery and battery saving mode

The battery was the second issue with the HTCOne (M7) and that’s been given a good boost to 2600 mAh in the M8 (up from  2300 mAh in the M7). While this doesn’t quite match up to the massive battery capacities found on the LG G2 and Xperia Z2, HTCclaims that the M8 will achieve 40% longer battery life than the HTCOne (M7).

htc one m8 launch aa (14 of 27)
Ultrapixels and Duo likely won't see a return on the rear of the Hima (M9).

Even if that doesn’t quite impress you, HTChas also provided an “Extreme battery saving” mode, which it claims will offer up to 14 days of standby time. Naturally, you’ll lose a few of the important features that make a smartphone “smart”, but HTCsays you’ll still be able to receive calls, texts and emails meaning it could be a great feature to eke out that last bit of battery life before a meeting, or for a day where you forgot to charge your phone the other night.

We’ll be sure to test the veracity of HTC’s battery life claims in our upcoming full review.

Wrap up

The HTCOne (M8) might not be the greatest innovation ever to grace a smartphone users hands, but it takes an already great experience with the original HTCOne (M7) and turns it up a few notches. Stay tuned for our upcoming review, where we’ll put the HTCOne (M8) through its paces to find out if it can take on the juggernaut that is the Samsung Galaxy S5, and the Sony Xperia Z2.