htc one m8 outdoors (8 of 17)

When the HTC One (M8) was officially unveiled last month, we learned that the M8 was bringing a whole lot more than just refined looks and improved hardware. Pulling the entire experience together was Sense 6.0, which included a laundry list of improvements over Sense 5.5. One of these promised features was an Extreme Power Saving Mode, though unfortunately the feature wasn’t ready for prime-time at the handset’s launch.

HTC promised the power saving mode would arrive a bit later through a carrier update, and for Sprint customers that day is today. For those that aren’t sure exactly what the Extreme Power Saving Mode is all about, basically it is designed for situations where you are very low on power but still need your device on for emergency calling and other purposes.

The power saving mode turns off your ‘smart’ functionality, giving you a basic homescreen with a phone dialer, text messaging, calculator, calendar and HTC email. The impressive thing about this mode, however, is that HTC claims it can yield 15 hours of use on just 5 percent battery.

Anything else new in today’s Sprint update? Not much from the sounds of it, with the change-log simply saying that the update offers “stability and call performance improvements”. Still, it’s great to see HTC working quickly to rollout the promised Power Saving Mode, and here’s to hoping other major U.S. carriers follow in short order.

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