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Would a plastic version of the HTC One M8 be a good idea?

According to a new report out of Taiwan, HTC is allegedly preparing a plastic variant of the HTC One M8. Would it make sense for HTC to offer a cheaper version of the M8?
April 14, 2014
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Easily one of the biggest draws for the HTC One M8 is its premium build quality. Not only does the M8’s body have a refined premium look with excellent front-facing speakers, the design is completed by its beautiful aluminum body.

Of course, HTC is no stranger to plastic devices, especially on mid and low-end devices, and often times these devices still exude a premium style — even if the build materials aren’t quite as high-quality. With that in mind, a new rumor suggests that the HTC One M8 might be getting a plastic-clad brother.

The HTC One M8 might be getting a plastic-clad brother. Would such a model make sense?

A new report out of Taiwan claims that HTC is preparing a plastic model, despite its many comments insulting Samsung’s addiction to plastic. While this might seem a bit out of character for HTC, it’s certainly possible that the plastic HTC One could essentially be the rumored successor to the (plastic-cased) HTC Butterfly series. At least to a certain degree, it makes sense that HTC would want to integrate its popular Butterfly line into its One flagship line.

If this is truly a follow-up to the Butterfly, that could mean that it will end up only being available in select markets across the globe. Of course, it’s also possible that HTC could expand the plastic model’s reach in a move simple to Apple’s 5C/5S approach.

As for the specs? The new report claims the only difference between this new model is the lack of metal, though this contrasts previous next-gen Butterfly rumors that claimed HTC would be ditching the Ultrapixel camera for a 13MP shooter.

The HTC One (plastic) will be allegedly priced at 3000 Yaun ($483 USD), versus the 5299 Yuan ($853 USD) of the standard model. Honestly that seems like a massive difference if the device’s body material is really the only difference. For now, we’d take this whole rumor with a hefty grain of salt.

What do you think, would a plastic HTC One M8 make sense — at least for select markets? Or is HTC better off sticking to just metal for the M8?