HTC introduced an official smart cover for the One (M8) today, a cool accessory that, like the phone it debuted along, leaked a few weeks ago. Surprise or not, the Dot View case is an interesting take on the smart cover concept, bringing a retro flair and a bit of personality to a phone that’s otherwise austere in its appearance.

But the Dot View is not just for looks. Double tapping on the phone screen while the cover is on shows the time, weather, and any notifications you may have. Images are generated on the display and light going through the holes makes up the figures and icons.

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When you get a phone call, you can swipe up or down to accept or reject the call, without opening the cover, and you can do the same with notifications. The see-through images are only shown for a few seconds after you double-tap the screen, so battery impact shouldn’t be that big, even if it’s an LCD that we’re talking about (LCD screens draw power even for pixels that don’t light up, as opposed to AMOLED).

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The Dot View case for the HTC One (M8) is made of a light silicone with a soft touch and should provide plenty of protection to your device. We found that it fits nicely to the One, though we’d expect nothing less from an original OEM accessory such as this one. Folding the cover to the back covers up the camera cutting, but at least you can use it comfortably in this position.

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The Dot View smart case will be available in five colors, with the slate gray version to go on sale first. The other colors are royal blue, orange, crimson, and teal.

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The cover will cost $49.99, though on HTC’s defense, you do get more functionality out of Dot View compared to a regular cover. Check it out on HTC’s store.

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