HTC One M8_Gunmetal_Gold

Aside from the carrier-locked options available for those interested in the HTC One (M8), HTC also announced yesterday that it will release both a Google Play Edition and a Developer Edition. The former is available now on Google Play with an estimated shipping timeframe of 2-3 weeks, while the latter can be yours right directly from HTC’s web store.

So what’s the difference between the two handsets? While both the GPe and Developer Edition are relatively developer friendly, the M8 Developer Edition doesn’t run stock Android and instead favors Sense 6.0 — complete with an unlockable bootloader and without all the carrier bloat you’d get from ‘regular’ versions of the handset.

The handset will set you back $649.99 and is offered in two colors, Amber Gold or Gunmetal Gray. The HTC One M8 Developer Edition is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile for those in the United States, and it should also play nicely with GSM and HSPA+ networks across the globe.

Bottom-line, if you want Sense 6.0 in a developer friendly package, this is probably the handset for you. On the downside, HTC notes that the unlocked bootloader means that certain special offers like their Google Drive promotion may not work with the handset due to “invalid DRM security keys”. For those that simply are looking for a device that is SIM unlocked and free from carrier meddling, HTC is also offering the One M8 in unlocked form in all three color choices.

For more details on the HTC One (M8) Developer Edition, or to pick one up now, you’ll want to head on over to HTC’s website. It’s worth noting that the handset is currently listed as back-ordered, but is estimated to start shipping again around April 3.

Andrew Grush

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