Yesterday we reported that Android 5.1 would not be coming to the HTC One M7, at least according to the company’s VP of Product Management, Mo Versi. As our comment section can attest to, many folks were none to pleased by this news. Thankfully, HTC has heard the complaints surfacing on Twitter and across the web and have now responded.

Now let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, HTC hasn’t announced it is changing its position on Android 5.1 for the M7, but Mo Versi has responded on Twitter, saying that many of the bug fixes introduced with 5.1 have already been applied to HTC’s current 5.0-based software but they “understand your concerns. Stay tuned.”

His response means a few possibilities. First, HTC could officially release Android 5.1 for the One M7 and then shut the doors on updates after that. Second, HTC could simply release a few more patches to its existing software that addresses any other remaining major bugs, without bumping the software up to 5.1. Third, Mo Versi could just be responding to calm people down and save a little face. Regardless, it is a good sign that HTC is at least listening to its customers and responding, instead of just giving M7 owners the silent treatment.

What do you think, since HTC delivered its promise on 2 years of updates already, should we expect them to release Android 5.1 (which is mostly a bug fix) anyway, or is their obligation to their buyers already more than fulfilled?

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