HTC countdown

26 hours and some change. That’s all that’s left until HTC will finally put us out of our misery and show the world once and for all if the company is built for greatness. It’s been a tireless, but tiresome hype-building campaign that’s started late last year and that seemed like it was never going to end.

We’ve had several twists along the way, a lot of contradicting stories, but enough with all the drama, the speculations, the “coulds” and “mights”. It’s (almost) time to check out the HTC One!

My friend and colleague Kristofer Wouk will be attending the New York unveiling event starting at 10 AM tomorrow, EST Time. We’ll be sure to bring you loads of hands-on photos, hopefully some videos, first impressions and anything else we can to keep you in the loop.

htc one leak site

We’ll have versus posts where we’ll be pitting the One against all the other major players around, but we’ll also keep an eye on London. HTC has a stage set up in the England capital as well, and, if anything special happens there, you’ll be the first to know.

But, because D-Day is not yet here, let’s quickly recap what we think will go down in NYC and London.


Formerly known as the M7, the One has become an open book following recent leaks. There’s absolutely no question the 4.7-incher will be the star of the show tomorrow and even the market name seems set in stone.


You can check out its (almost) full spec sheet here, the design here and here and a couple of other details here. There are still a few unknowns, including the battery capacity, but on the whole there’s not much that can shock us anymore.

Sense 5 and ultrapixels

To skin or not to skin, that is the question. Most of you would probably say no, Android is perfect as it is. But if you can do it right, why not tweak things a bit? We’ve never been huge fans of HTC’s Sense UI, but the fifth iteration (or more like ninth) is looking pretty sleek. Not TouchWiz sleek, but still.


We’re not sure how much HTC will focus on the Sense 5 during tomorrow’s press events, but we do expect something more than a quick mention. The same goes for the One’s rear-facing camera, rumored to pack ultrapixels instead of megapixels. We still don’t know exactly what an ultrapixel is, but the air should be cleared in a little over 24 hours. Or not, because that’s one of the stories we’re not convinced is real.

Anything else?

Perhaps. We’ve been so caught up with the One lately that we may have missed something. Like the M4 and G2. Granted, the entry-level G2 sounds like a big snooze, but the mid-range M4 might not be so bad. And if HTC actually wants to be taken seriously this year, it definitely needs more than just one phone.

Okay, let’s wrap it up for the time being, but be sure to check back to us tomorrow. Remember, 10 AM EST sharp!

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