The HTC One is the star of a new infographic the company has posted on its blog, highlighting some of the most important features of its flagship smartphone. The infographic shows the HTC One’s essential entertainment features at work throughout a day of the user’s life.

It starts with said user taking a look at his Facebook and Twitter feeds at 7 AM (we all do it, don’t we?), then using BlinkFeed to find out what’s going on in the world, after which, on the way to work, watching a few videos or a part of a TV show.

Then, at 11 AM, he’s uploading photos on social networks from the night before, and, at noon, he’s watching highlights from the show he’s been to the night before, which will sound great thanks to HTC Boom Sound and the two front speakers.

It’s pretty obvious that he’s not really getting too much work done, since at 3:00 PM he’s making an HTC Zoe video highlight of the images, showing the greatest moments of the previous night, Once the evening has come he’s out again, taking great pictures with the Ultrapixel camera.

You can view the infographic below.

HTC One One Day infographic

While the infographic tends to show off the HTC One’s entertainment features, you should know that the smartphone has everything it needs to make it deserve its flagship status. You can find out more in our video review, below (text version can be read here):

Which one of the HTC One’s new features do you find the most interesting?

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