HTC was initially pretty vague on One’s official release date, but the pieces of the puzzle fell into place one by one in the past couple of weeks. The 4.7-incher is now expected on March 7 in Taiwan, starting on the 15th in the UK, a couple of days later in the rest of Europe and on the 22nd in America.

Actually, scratch that British launch date, because it seems at least one particular retailer in the country might ship the One early – Expansys. The new ETA is March 14, so only a day early, but this is definitely news considering what will go down on the same day halfway around the world.

That’s right, just as the first HTC One pre-orders will be fulfilled, New York City will be hosting the debut of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 (we’ll be there, by the way). We already figured something in the grand scheme of One’s release had to overlap with the GS4 intro, but is it really smart of HTC to try stealing the spotlight of this year’s most anticipated Android smartphone this way?


No, but then again this is probably all on Expansys. As far as we know, the rest of the British retailers and carriers are still planning to put the One up for grabs on March 15 (at the earliest).

That will still be fresh after the S4 unveiling, but maybe it’ll all be a good thing for HTC. After all, Sammy’s new spearhead can’t please everybody, so whoever will end up disappointed with the S4 will most likely jump on the One bandwagon. How about you, are you on the S4, One team or still undecided?

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