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HTC website provides clues of how the One (M7) will look like [Video]

HTC revealed on its website teaser images and videos of the upcoming HTC One. We can now tell that the earlier leaked press shots were accurate.
February 13, 2013
htc one leak site

We think we have a pretty good picture of the specs of the HTC One (previously known as M7), and we even know it will be launched in less than a week. What we were not sure of is how the device would look like. But, thanks to some images and videos that mistakenly end up on HTC’s website, that’s about to change.

The media in question can be found by visiting and checking the source code of the countdown timer that shows the time left to the One launch. In the Resources section, one can find a few unclear shots of the upcoming device, as well as a couple of teaser videos.

A YouTube user grabbed the snippets and put them together in the 20 second clip below.

From the deliberately hazy video (hey HTC, J.J. Abrams called, he wants his lens flares back) we can tell that the alleged leaked press shot that @evleaks produced is indeed accurate. The teased device seems to feature a metallic unibody with chamfered edges, and at first blush, the design language is somehow similar to the Apple iPhone 5 and the Blackberry Z10.

htc one m7 press shot leak 2

As for the other design that we’ve seen (most recently revealed in a set of images from a Chinese spare part retailer), I am starting to believe it’s another device that HTC is preparing to launch, perhaps the M4 or the G2?